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Welcome to Prophet's Heart !

This is one of God's Prophets standing alone, for the most part, with only God by his side. Over looking the world and waiting upon the Lord to send him down to warn the world of God's judgement. The Godly Man Weeps!






On the 10th day of the 3rd month of the year 1995 at Gaiche of Piegaro, the land of Blessed Leopold,
in the Diocese of Perugia, Marcello Ciai felt ill.

Here is his song:

"By day a pain in my heart
at night a sirene.
My heart stood still
At the weight of the mantle
Twice visited upon me.
I try with my eyes to look upwards.
The sky is dark,
There aren’t even any stars,
And the moon is far away.
All the sufferings of the world
Did not succeed in entering my heart,
which has burst.
My tent has been pulled off.
What will happen to the sheep ?
On them all the evil rests.
The moon turns red,
The sun turns pale,
The earth staggers like a drunk.
I cry like a swallow
and trill like a dove.
My eyes are weary of looking up.
I say to my doctor :
“Each one of us has a vocation,
You, for the healing of bodies,
Me, for the healing of souls.
You find the body in
The silence of a room;
The soul, I look for it
In the uproar
Where they slaughter the oxen
And they cut the throats of the herd.
They eat meat
and get drunk on wine.
I look for it, I look for it
But I don’t find it.
And when I find it
I lose it.
My heart beats strongly.
Then it stops."

Marcello Ciai and some passages of the prophecies