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Welcome  visitor,

To you love and peace from the depth of my heart whoever you may be: friend or enemy, Italian or stranger, believer or unbeliever, Christian or non-Christian! 

You will find in this area internet very particular and fascinating things.
Above all they will be useful to you and may even change your life,
especially in these tremendous last times!

You will find moreover some of the prophecies that I have received, which have already come true or are dramatically coming true, as that one of the collapse of economy.

Authentic testimonies and some mysterious events have been gathered in ten parts, called "Sheaves", from my brother in faith Massimo Coppo, who is also author of the book "From the land of Assisi and of Francis the Spirit of prophecy" which talks about my prodigious encounter with the Lord Jesus and the prophecies. The prophecies themselves and some visions that the Lord has granted to me have been collected by Massimo in a small book entitled: "Marcello Ezechiele Ciai - Prophecies"

Today i can say with holy pride that Massimo has been called by the Lord like Saint Francis to the ancient Assisi.

God bless you and good navigation !    

Marcello  Ciai