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Sheaf  8

The first month of the year 1986, Marcello Ciai went to the top of a mountain, far away from his family and community.



I've been praying outside up high near a thorn bush and there a dream came into my mind :" I was lifting up my eyes to the sky and I saw a sickle falling, violently coming down towards me. It was like the communist sickle, but instead of the hammer there was a burning candle.
It was coming down and down very fast and I couldn't do anything to prevent it.
There was a multitude of lights appearing from the sky, they ran quickly around me. 
The sickle
(*1) and the candle (*2) were falling down on me: I'm lost !
NO ! A cross appeared from behind !
I was not scared anymore; the sickle and the candle faded away in the space and the multitude of lights surrounded me. "

"Then the Spirit brought me in a vision to the lobby of the house at Rocca Sant'Angelo, Petrignano of Assisi. The lobby and the door of the house weren't situated on the south-side, like they are in reality, but they were facing towards the East and the stairs of entrance were double: seven steps at the south-side and seven steps at the northern-side.
Four pillars, towards the East, were supporting the roof of the stairs and the lobby.
I looked and saw that the stairs at the south and the openings at the East, from pillar to pillar, were bricked in during the night. A window constructed in the wall at the north was left.
It was a square one with a width of ten palms and a height of ten palms. It did not have an architrave, but only a border of two palms, up to the roof.
Looking through this only opening at the north, I saw a man who was heading down the valley, towards the convent of
Rocca Sant'Angelo (Note). It was as if he went to get material or instructions: I knew his name - Roccaforte (Stronghold).
They were bricking me in, I was a prisoner and I did not know for how long.
- Don't be afraid, continue only to have faith - a voice was saying."

(Note) The name of the parish priest has been removed at the request of the same.

So Marcello was closed up between the doors of his community; the Spirit left him dumb for ten years, He would be sanctified in the guidance of the souls God committed to him.

"These men of God, who do nothing else with their desire but just run along the lobby from door to door ? It so happens that they are forced to accept the pastoral ministry and get involved in the governance of souls. They then are flung here and there by way of their great tribulations and the upset in their hearts, and progress each day in their search for perfection."

This is the way in which the "Community Famiglie di Betlemme" (Bethlehem Families) was founded - "Consecrated monastic" families, called to live under monastic family rules, inspired to Saint Benedict and Saint Bruno, respecting poverty, the total community of goods and the exercise of work within the community.




*1  The sickle is the political power.
*2  The candle is the religious power..
*3  Cp.Saint Gregory The Great - Sermons on Ezekiel II -7.12 


Books on a prophetic work risen in Assisi more than thirty years ago, which is involving the world.

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