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22 and 11 are  “master numbers”

The 22 is the archetype of the Creator.
So right in the number 22 lies the secret of the creation of the universe by God.
The number 22 is "important" because 22 are the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, 22 are the things created by God mentioned in the first chapter of Genesis, 22 are the books of the Old Testament…. and the last book of the Bible, Revelation, consists of 22 chapters.
Experts of numerology say that 22 denotes people who have passion for metaphysical themes, and are intent to found large worldwide organizations to improve the lives of the whole mankind.
22 is doubled 11, and 11 indicates power that creates life through struggle and confrontation and a double learning, not in terms of quantity but of quality .
22-11-1936 is the date of birth of Marcello Ezekiel Ciai, the prophet of Assisi. His conversion dates back to 1978, when in a heavenly vision he saw Jesus, the "Master", and left everything to follow Him unreservedly.
He was the founder of the no profit organization IACA, International Association for Christian Action. With his suffered charisma he gave birth to a prophetic witness that from Assisi benefits so many people in the Church and in the world.