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These are the words the Lord addressed to Marcello Ciai,  in the year 1995 on the 13th and
14th day of the 7th month.

“ And now to you, pleasure seeking city, queen of prostitution! Listen to the word of the Lord.
Even in the sanctuary they mourn for Adonis. Women, women, what will become of your loins? Says the Lord, God of hosts. Stubborn and bold women, the horse inside the doors will breed virulent stallions. They will consider themselves warriors, but they will pierce only through their members. Women, light-hearted and vain women, no more will you want to uncover your nakedness to attract ugly slavering men; but the virulent fury will unclothe you, dash you, and fecondate you with straw. 
Oracle of the Lord.
Get up, women, beat your breast and cry out, rather, about mourning and anguish: a grave bloody wound has been inflicted upon the daughter of Sion, from whose eyes day and night drop tears. 

In the name of the Lord of hosts, speak again against the great city : “ Go, go on all the streets of Rome, and if one, if you find one only , I will forgive her. There is no longer a righteous person among men ! "

I said:  “ I will go before the great, maybe there I will find one who knows of God. Even if they speak of God, they are not His. Because they have hardened their hearts and their minds are contumacious."  So says the Lord. From the smallest to the greatest all devise fraud! As from a well springs out water, from the city springs out iniquity. My indignation is great, where will I pour it out? How will I not pour it out from the suckling to the grey-haired? Who will succeed in stopping my hand against injustice, unfaithfullness? Nobody takes to heart the cause of the poor. Everyone is like a fiery stallion who nights after the woman of his brother.
But here the true horses, those mounted by cruel and victorious warriors trample against and towards you. They have erected a bastion, and there the Holy War is being prepared.

House of Israel, house of Peter, I address myself to you. Why do you say: the word of the prophets is like the wind that has passed? Why do you say: "Peace, freedom and well-being", when these things are not here and will not be? War, oppression and hunger, I will send then upon your nations.

Oracle of the Lord.

Listen, oh earth, where is your salvation? On Papeete, or in the Pope perhaps?  I make it rain according to the seasons, I have created the sowing and the grape harvest; but you are only able to get drunk on your own ideas. Your wicked thoughts have ruined all the beautiful things created by me, for you. Therefore  misfortune and terror will come upon you. You don't seek the ancient ways, and prepare yourselves your tombs. Oracle of the Lord . But not yet, I will destroy to the end, not yet. Run away Benjamin, untie your arms from those priests and friars who want to keep you inside the door of the city, full of adultery and abomination.
Run, neither to the right, nor to the left, but on the road of Girolamo I will wait for you. (1)

Oracle of the Lord.

(1) St. Girolamo left the papal court in Rome to advance on the street of the spiritual perfection. Withdrawn for long periods in the desert, he took care of the translation of the Bible in Latin, the most famous Vulgata that was for over a millennium the Bible, universally recognized and adopted from the whole Church.

St. Jerome (Caravaggio) represent with a skull symbol of the vanities
of the world, of death, of the precariousness of life and of penance.



Books on a prophetic work risen in Assisi more than thirty years ago, which is involving the world.


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