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Prophecy from Sheaf 10

"Prophesy!" "What shall I prophesy ?" "Cry out !" "What shall I cry out ?"
"Is there anything new to announce under the sun ?!"

On a little light cloud comes the Word of the Lord  to announce great and
tremendous things !

"Look watchman! What do you see ?"
"Oh, I see a caravan of refugees in mourning, sick, injured, hanged."

"Watchman, watchman, what do you still see ?"
"Flashes and terrors. The night is long. Terrors and flashes!"

"Watchman, watchman, what is left yet of the night ?"
"Here comes the dawn, but the night returns.

Come! Come and ask ! Repent while it is still morning !
The cries of the vespers frighten me, its mourning makes me pine."

"Cry out watchman, cry out !"
"What shall I cry out ?!"
"Bring water! Bring bread to the refugees! so that they don't languish and die."

Didn't you hear it already, o daughter of Sion ?
What is written, is written, what is decided, is decided.
But you, by means of your unworthy ministers, have reduced to ruins
the fortresses and frightened and confused its inhabitants.

Here, I will put pride against pride, and it shall be man against man,
woman against woman, brother against brother, sister against sister,
mother against daughter, daughter against mother, father against son,
son against father, wife against husband, husband against wife,
family against family, nation against nation, city against city,
country against country, power against power.
Race against race, class against class, west against east, east against west,
north against south, south against north.

In the desert and in the steppe lies its greatness.

The intelligence of the proud will fade away and I will trample upon their projects,
so that they will return and seek for magicians, astrologers and fortune-tellers
and I will put them in the hands of the cruel dominator of darkness.

Oracle of the Lord of Hosts.

The city will be emptied, the woman will not give birth;
the genitals will become purulent.
The strong and the weak will pine away and become pale.
The news will diminish and will be scattered to the wind.
The press will wither and disappear.
Fishers of news will complain and mourn and
fishers of men will complain and remain desolate.
Manufacturers, business-men and stylists will be confused and will turn pale.
The economy will collapse and the workmen will be dismayed.
How intelligent are the leaders of science !
The most clever of the president's advisers form a stupid council.
How can they say: "I come from famous schools and teachers ?!"
Where are they then your great wise men?
Let them reveal to you what the Lord of Hosts has decided against pride.
The wise men have become stupid and deceive the famous teachers,
as to lead astray all their leaders.
The Lord has sent a spirit of misleading on all the leaders that makes
them move in every way like drunkards in their own vomit.
They will do no good :
neither those who are at the head nor those at the tail;
neither those in high places nor those in the lowest ones;
neither he who is leader nor he who obeys;
neither he who guides nor he who follows;
neither the king nor his subjects;
neither the Pope, nor his faithful.
The Word of the Lord .

This prophecy has been given to Marcello Ciai in 1995, after a serious illness and a period of "desert"

(1) There is nothing to do even for the Pope, against a world that is increasingly perverse and rebellious to God and his Christ: then there is to keep in mind that the prophecy dates back to 1995, before the pontificate of Pope Francis.


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