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  From Sheaves 3, 4 - Ezekiel - Saint Ercolano  

In the year 1980, around Marcello Ciai and his family, in their house at Viole of Assisi, on the slopes of Mount Subasio, began a small prophetic community.

The yellow exclamation point signs the place of Marcello's prodigious conversion at the Viole of Assisi


One night in the summer of that year, Marcello, in prayer, had this vision, that he then transcribed:

" I looked, in the night-vision, and saw an avenue of cypresses, in line like sepulchers, there were thousands and thousands. A road opened up in the midst, it widened and ran more and more rapidly amongst the cypresses which became thinner, while a light appeared in the midst of them.

I followed the road and arrived at a storm wracked sea , the waves were terrifying. A light rose at the horizon, the sea calmed itself; the sun rose, but as a gigantic sphere of radiant
fire-coloured light. Above the waters,  almost calm, I saw a triangle of light that shone, like
the sparkling of shining gold on the background of fire of the luminous sphere. In the midst
of the triangle an open book. 

I heard a scream of exultation:  "Hallelujah !"  Coming out of the book and rising up softly: fruits, musical notes and white lilies, opened and closed themselves in a rhythmic and soft pulsation, like white petals gliding in the air. At the right appeared a heart of flesh, as big as a mountain; in front of it a multitude of human figures in light-coloured clothes prostrated in adoration, transfiguring themselves like the corners of white stones. Above the multitude like
a dance of white birds, I heard a chorus singing with distinction:

We praise You !  We love You !  Amen. "

In that same year the community moved to a small place above Rocca Sant'Angelo, a small village in the hills around Assisi. 



At the beginning of the year 1981, Marcello told to those who were with him the dream he had received:

" I found myself on the ancient road of Saint Ercolano at Perugia (Italy). I was driving a small
three-wheeled cart and on the loading-platform behind me were sitting all those who are part
of my community.  I had just started to go down on that dirt ancient road, when at the first bend,
I found before me a big rounded mass of stone.
While I was deciding what to do, I noticed on the left side of the road a friar, wearing the cassock of a priest, who came out of an ancient main door, like that of a church, only open at  the left side and he was heading towards my cart.  

The priest, of a slender appearance and with a pale face, was getting near to the mass of stone and with all his strength he began to move the stone trying one, two, three times. 
From my driver’s seat I was looking surprised: the love he showed me in his efforts with which
he tried to help was in stark contrast to the poor view of  the clergy, at whose hands I had suffered much when I was young. 
Finally, rolling the mass of stone at the side of the road, the priest lifted up his head: I saw that his face became round and red like the moon when she is rising.
I wanted to get down to thank him, but he entered and hid himself behind the main door from which he just appeared.
I was sad, for I wished to express to him my heartfelt gratitude; but I decided to continue with the group I had behind me on the road of Saint Ercolano.  

As we travelled on, we joyfully arrived at a wonderful hill, where basins with golden rims gathered pure spring-water. The basins were rectangular, like altars. They were all the same size and
I estimated their length to be about four paces, their width like three and their height was about one stride.

A big crowd began to arrive from several parts and also from far away. I invited them to bathe themselves in these basins and some did so, entering and getting out of  the basins as if in a dance. The words of Psalm 87 (*) came to my mind: “Singers and dancers alike say,  all my springs are in You.”

(*)Psalm 87

[1]On the holy mount stands the city he founded;
[2]the Lord loves the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob. 
[3]Glorious things are spoken of you, O city of God. 
[4]Among those who know me I mention : Rahab and Babylon; Philistia too, and Tyre, with Ethiopia. " This one was born there " they say.
[5]And of Zion it shall be said, "This one and that one were born in it"; for the Most High himself will establish it. 
[6]The Lord records, as he registers the peoples,  "This one was born there." 
[7]Singers and dancers alike say,  "All my springs are in you."

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