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"The prophecy on the Pope and the Vatican" - called also “The Baggage of the Pope” - was received in 1995 by Marcello Ezechiele Ciai and is most  important amongst the other prophecies of this prophet of Assisi because it addresses the Vatican and that Pope of gigantic human and spiritual stature which was John Paul II, so much loved and appreciated by many.
Marcello Ezechiele had also a prophetic vision on him, a few days before the tragic attempt in St. Peter's Square; he wrote it down as follows: "On the first day of the fifth month of the year 1981, in a dream, I saw the Pope seriously ill and pale in his face, but <standing> behind a small white table in the hospital, I too was standing in front of him, in silence, as a pupil before his teacher." Thirteen days later John Paul II, though seriously wounded in the attempt remained alive, “standing”. From the words of this account a deep reverence towards that great Pope leaks out.
Here we see the prophet in an attentive state listening to the teaching of the Church. But when the prophet is talking, because the Lord moves him this way, then “the Pope must listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying": that’s what Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn said when two members of Marcello’s Community handed to him the prophecy about the Pope in order to transmit it to John Paul II.
And  the prophecy, which was proclaimed at the presence of the Pope also in Rome and in Assisi, arrived to him. Its effects? Many observers have noticed that the language and attitudes of the Pope were changed afterwards, he became more serious in his tone, and was giving less space to those aspects of triumphalism favoured by so much consesus around him and that is just what the Spirit denounced in the prophecy. But this prophecy seems to extend beyond the pontificate of Pope Wojtyla because it foretold for the Vatican:  <<Any protection is demolished, oh house of Peter!>>.

Here's the prophecy:

«To you then, city on the terrace, in the midst of the foolish and boisterous noise of the pleasure seeking city, why do you stand there looking? So says the Lord, God of Hosts. Nay, your dead don't die in war, your wounded don't get wounded fighting and your heroes flee away prisoners. Your leader armourplated passes in the luxurious coach. Curled up (1), hasn't he realized that I do provoke the fall or preserve presidents and pharaohes?
He's preparing himself a tomb in the kingly underground, and from the house on the mountain he leans out to proclaim. 
Oh, infamy for my Church, who will succeed in stopping me?
These are the days, I have said: " The final great explosion will be tremendous ".
The Lord says. " War, famine, disease, drugs, kidnapping, assault, brutality, rape, violence, murder, suicide, massacres, earthquakes and calamities ". 
Lift up your hands, clap them, stamp your feet, pull out your hair, rip off your cloths, throw yourself on the ground, fast and cry. But you say: " I am the Vicar, let's prepare ourselves for the new millennium, let's eat and drink ..." Why don't you then change the popular proverb: " Not a leaf falls without God's will " ?! The people applaud you, why don't you tell them: " Not a leaf falls without the Pope's will "?! Instead, in those days, the nail fixed in secure place will fall, and all will be shivered because I, the Lord, have spoken.
Your allies are arming themselves, cruel warriors lie in wait at your door. Will the puppet-like guards of the Royal Palace be able to defend you ?
Every protection is demolished, oh house of Peter.
Priest, pray for your prophet: from whom will help come ? Not from the mountains, nor from the altar. No one can stop my fury. Cry, cry oh daughter of Sion: Too great is my mourning and my desolation, for those days of terror wanted by the Lord, God of hosts

1) The reference is probably to the tragic attack of 1981, in St. Peter's square, in which the Pope, although seriously wounded and drooped down on himself, was saved miraculously.





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